Competition Conditions

I.                    Age Limit

At the “Die Meistersinger von Nürnberg” singing competition, young singers of all nationalities can participate in the competition (July 21, 2018) if they are at least 18 and at most 33 years of age (women) and 35 years of age (men) on that day. For applicants who also apply in the German Repertoire (German Repertoire, see also II), the age limit is increased to 43 years of age (women) and 45 years of age (men).

II.                  Aria Selection

Candidates for the General Repertoire must select 6 arias from the competition canon, including an aria by Mozart.

Candidates who apply for the General and for the German Repertoire must choose 6 arias with at least 2 arias from the German subject and 1 aria from Mozart.

Candidates who only apply to participate in the German Repertoire must select 6 arias, 4 arias from the German Repertoire, 1 aria from Mozart and 1 aria from the General Repertoire.

The organisational team has the right to reject candidates or the combination of the selected arias.

Upon receipt of applications (by January 15, 2018 at the latest), the jury will invite the selected candidates to an international pre-selection.

The organisers of the singing competition understand arias from the so-called German Repertoire, to be arias from German-language works of the musical theatre beginning with the German musical comedies by W. A. Mozart through the works of Carl Maria von Weber and the musical drama of Richard Wagner to the late-Romanticism of a Richard Strauss or Wolfgang Korngold. The arias, which are assigned to the German Repertoire in the competition, are marked accordingly in the competition canon.


III.                 International Pre-Selections

For the international pre-selections (including Hamburg and Nuremberg), the singers must prepare 3 arias out of the 6 arias. 2 of the 3 arias must be from the indicated specialist area; the third aria must be an aria by Mozart. The singers may select the first aria to be performed in the pre-selection. If necessary, the jury will ask for a second aria.


IV.                Preliminary rounds in Nuremberg

For the preliminaries in Nuremberg beginning on July 21, 2018, the invitations to which come after the international pre-selection, the singers must prepare all 6 of the indicated arias. The singers may choose the first aria to be performed during the preliminary round. If necessary, the jury will ask for a second aria.

For each round of the competition, the order of the candidates will be drawn at random and can only be changed in exceptional cases with the permission of the jury.

All registered candidates must participate without exception in the draw of the order at 10 a.m. on July 21, 2018.

After the draw, piano accompaniment will be made available to each candidate upon request. A rehearsal is provided before each round. The rehearsals take place in the rehearsal rooms in the selected order.

All preliminary rounds in Nuremberg are accompanied by the repetiteur and are open to the general public.


V.                  Semi-finals and Finals

At the semi-finals in Nuremberg, the jury exclusively selects the arias to be performed from the 6 arias.

The semi-final with piano accompaniment or repetiteur is open to the general public.

At the final in Nuremberg, the jury exclusively selects the arias to be performed from the 6 arias.

The final is accompanied by the Staatsphilharmonie Nürnberg. Tickets for the final will be generally available for sale.


VI.                Further Rules

  • All candidates present their arias in the original language.
  • All candidates sing in at least two languages.
  • Candidates are bound to their proposed program. No change is permitted unless it is approved by the jury.
  • All arias are memorised for the performance.
  • Candidates must present legible piano excerpts.
  • The decisions of the organisational team may not be challenged.
  • The decisions of the jury may not be challenged.
  • If there are any objections during the competition, they will be submitted by the organisational team to the president of the competition who, after consultation with the jury, makes the necessary decisions.
  • The prize winners are required to take part in the prize winners’ concert on July 26, 2018, in the Main Market Square.


VII.               Declaration of Consent

By registering for the competition, the candidates accept that the organisation has the right to store, reproduce, and publicly disseminate their images and interpretations for the purposes of advertising for the international singing competition or for purposes of documentation under the conditions set out below:

  • The organisation may carry out the storage of image and sound material with all technical processes on all media and in all formats;
  • The organisational team may reproduce and disseminate these photographs and/or these recordings to communicate to the public, around the world, over all broadcasting channels, in particular radio, terrestrial networks, satellite, cable, digital and or analogue networks, via the Internet and on all media, in particular a paper edition, CD-ROM, DVD-ROM, etc., either directly or through any third party or through authorised organisations.


VIII.            Registration and Fees

All candidates are only fully registered if they have paid the registration fee of €45 and the payment has been received on time. Afterwards, all applications will be screened and listened to and will be accepted or rejected for the international pre-selections.


Please remit the registration fee in the amount of €45 to the following account:


Stiftung Staatstheater Nürnberg

IBAN: DE50 7605 0101 0013 0079 01


The intended use must include the following

(Your sign-in ID, surname, first name): "Meistersinger: sign-in ID, surname and first name"

Without this information, we cannot process your application!

Candidates who are invited to Nuremberg to participate in the competition in Nuremberg must pay a participation fee of €170.

All candidates will receive a subsistence allowance of €35 per day (as of 20-21 July 18) for the duration of their participation in the competition in Nuremberg.

This sum will be remitted to them after the end of the competition.

With this registration for the competition, the candidates shall agree to the unconditional acceptance of the terms and conditions of the competition and all their provisions. In case of doubt, the German version of the competition terms and conditions shall apply.

If, for a valid reason, such as war, public or political unrest, epidemics, floods, fire, state strikes, a strike by the entire or part of the personnel, etc., the singing competition is cancelled, the Staatstheater Nürnberg may in no way be held liable by the candidates and is therefore free from any obligations, such as the payment of compensation or reimbursement of costs incurred.


IX.                 Submission Deadline

The deadline for the submission of the application is January 15, 2018.

Please send us your music examples using the following portals only: Youtube, Dropbox, Vimeo or Soundcloud. Unfortunately, CDs will not be processed.