Competition Conditions

I. Young singers of any nationality, who will be between 18 and 33 (women) and 35 (men) on the first day of the competition, can take part in the singing competition "Die Meistersinger von Nürnberg." When applicants are applying with dramatic characters for the prize in the German category, the age limit is raised to 43 (women) and 45 (men.) When choosing six arias, candidates, who due to age limit can apply from the outset only for participation in the German theme, must select four from the German theme, one by Mozart and one from the general theme.

II. The running order of each round of the competition will be decided by a draw, and this can only be changed in exceptional circumstances, and with the agreement of the jury.
1. All registered contestants must take part in the draws and the introduction of the pianists. Applicants, who are exempt from the selection (see above), must still participate in the semi-final draw.
Contestants, who are legitimately unable to attend the draw, can be represented by a member of the committee upon request. They must, however, make themselves known to the secretariat as soon as they arrive in Nuremberg.
At the call and the draw, the contestants will confirm the two pieces and the running order that they have chosen to perform during the first round. This choice will already have been conveyed to the secretariat.
2. After the draw, each contestant will be provided with an accompanist, if desired. There will be a rehearsal before every round. The rehearsals will take place in the rehearsal rooms, in the order that was drawn.

III. For the international pre-selections (this also includes Hamburg and Nuremberg), the singer must prepare three arias from the six arias announced. Two of the three arias must be from the area of expertise specified, the third aria must be by Mozart. For the preselection process, the singer may choose the first aria to be presented her/himself. The jury may require a second aria when needed.

For the preliminary rounds in Nuremberg, the singer must prepare all six arias. The singer may choose the first aria to be presented in the preliminary round her/himself. The jury may require a second aria when needed. The same rule applies for the semi-finals. The semi-final is open to the public and takes place with piano accompaniment.

IV. All contestants must perform the piece in its original language. Each contestant must sing in at least two living languages. The organising committee has the right to reject contestants or their chosen programme.
1. The contestant is committed to their suggested programme. Changes are not permitted without the permission of the jury. The contestants choose a total of six arias from the competition canon, at least one of which must be by W. A. Mozart.
2. All pieces must be performed from memory.
3. Contestants must submit legible piano parts.
4. The decisions of the organising committee are indisputable.
5. The decisions of the jury are indisputable.
6. The prize winners agree to perform in the prize-winners concert at the Hauptmarkt.
If, however, there are objections raised during the competition, the Chairman of the organising committee must submit them to the competition president or deputy, who will then make the necessary decisions with the jury.

V. Upon registering for the competition, contestants accept that the organising committee has the right to store, reproduce and publicly distribute their picture and versions of it for advertising purposes for the international singing competition or for documentation purposes, under the following specific conditions:
- The organising committee can store pictures and audio material using any technical procedure and any mediums, and in any format.
- The organising committee can reproduce and distribute these photos and/or these recordings for communication with the public, throughout the whole world, via any distribution channel, particularly radio, terrestrial, satellite, cable, digital and/or analogue network, online mediums, particularly in hard-copy, CD-ROM, DVD-ROM etc. either directly or through a third-party or authorised organisation.

VI. All contestants are only fully registered when they have paid the €40 registration fee.
Contestants, who are invited to participate in the competition in Nuremberg after international pre-selection must pay a participation fee of €170.

All contestants will receive a daily allowance of €35 throughout their participation in the competition in Nuremberg.
This sum will be paid after conclusion of the last round in which they participate, or at the end of the competition (Gala Concert).

VII. Upon competition registration, the contestant commits to unreserved acceptance of the competition conditions and all of their regulations. In the case of doubt, the German version of the competition conditions applies.

VIII. If the singing competition is called off for a valid reason such as due to war, public or political unrest, epidemic diseases, flooding, fires, state mourning, strike of the whole or partial staff etc., the Staatstheater Nürnberg cannot be held responsible for the contestants and is exempt from any obligations such as the payment of any compensation or the reimbursement of any incurred costs.

IX. Deadline for the submissions of applications: 15th February 2016.